Key Elements of a Web Site Promotion

What are the elements of a good Online Promotion?

As of March 2009, Google has an index that contains over 25 Billion web pages. That number is 25,000,000,000! In addition, Google engineers have discovered over 1 trillion unique Internet addresses, or URL’s!

There are a total of 6.7 billion people in the world, and over 1.5 Billion are on the Internet. Interestingly, the distribution favors Asia, with 657 million, Europe with 393 million, N. America with 251 million, L. America with 173 million, and the rest of the world with a little over 100 million.

In addition, the penetration is lowest in Asia, so this is the sector with the most potential for growth. Only 17% of the population of Asia is online. In Europe the percentage is nearly 50%, and in N. America it is 75%.

Over 50% of the Web consists of pages in the English language, by the way. The next most popular language on the Internet is Chinese, (and growing), then German, then French, and then Japanese. Certainly 25 billion is an impressive number, but more importantly, how can your customers find your web site on the Internet out of the billions of web pages that exist?

Regardless of the size of the Internet, or how big it may eventually get, your customers will find your web site using one of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. They will undoubtedly type search terms, or keywords, in the search box of a particular search engine. The most popular search engine on the Internet is Google, by quite a wide margin. Over 63% of searches on the Internet are done through Google, according to recent information.

If you want to get good search results on Google, the basis of any online promotion should first consider the keywords by which your site can be found. This is one of the most important things to investigate. It is worthwhile to carefully consider the keywords you select to do an online promotion.

Think of it in terms of advertising. Every word, every image in advertising is carefully crafted to create an impression. The “impression” on Google is not based on image or aesthetics, but solely on keyword content. That is the critical importance of keywords on Google and the other search engines.

Do the keywords that you plan to target generate a significant amount of monthly traffic on Google? Obscure keywords will not generate significant traffic or income for your web site.

Another key component is to use these keywords to create original content. Believe it or not, no one else can create content in your own unique way for your particular product or service. Regardless of your prowess in any particular language, content sprinkled with keywords is the fertilizer that will grow good results on Google searches.

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